Book Review: ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air is the heart-wrenching but unforgettable autobiography of Dr Paul Kalanithi, a young neurosurgeon who was forced to face death as both a patient and a doctor when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The book explores questions about life, legacy and medicine in a deeply personal way which brings a very unique perspective.

Although Kalanithi chose a life in medicine, he once studied literature and had a passion and a talent for writing. The result is a beautifully written book that is engaging but easy to read.  He also manages to write with enough intelligence and strength that his story invokes empathy but not pity. I personally found the book very moving but if you don’t like books that induce rivers of tears this may not be for you!

The following is a quote from the book which I found particularly powerful. Kalanithi is discussing the changing medical profession when he reflects that:

“What had not changed, though, was the heroic spirit of responsibility amid blood and failure. This struck me as the true image of a doctor.”

A lot of depictions of doctors in films, T.V. and books portray a glamorous heroism, whereas Kalanithi’s description is much rawer and more honest.

Sadly, Dr Paul Kalanithi died before he could publish his book. It was completed by his wife with a very courageous epilogue. Although the book feels complete without it, the epilogue gives some closure, especially if you are as emotionally invested as I was.

Overall, When Breath Becomes Air tells a tragic story in a surprisingly uplifting way. Kalanithi’s reflections on his life and death make the reader think about what is most important in medicine and in life.

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